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Kind Words

Hi all

Here are a few more kind words that we have received from clients in the last few weeks:

Thank you very much for your prompt collection of damaged cylinder and delivery of replacement received this morning.
Excellent service!!!

Keith in Berkshire

hi package arrived today thanks very much will use again
Mr C. Hopper in County Durham

Thankyou – excellent service.
Gary at Lister Petter in New Zealand

Thank you Keith for an excellent service – and I mean that sincerely!!
Keith in Berkshire – again!

Thanks Keith you’re a star
Paul in Bristol

We are very proud of our customer service – please give us a try and we will endeavor to help you.

All for now,

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Client running his Sabb in Greenland!

Good morning!
See what our client has been up to in Greenland.
His yacht is running an old Sabb single cylinder 1976 and he came to us to help him keep it running:

Hi John,

Thanks for all those spare parts for my old Sabb single cylinder 1976 motor ive been repairing in my little yacht… see attached pic, i have just sailed into Greenland 12 days at sea from Canada.. all is well, but ran into engine problems and hoped you could give me some quick advice..

So.. I was motoing along on a cold moring, started the engine fine, ran for 15 min to escape some small icebergs, and then the engine stopped. turns out it had run out of fuel completely, something I religeously try to avid with a detailed fuel log book, but after 10 days of delerium I must have slipped up. anyway, so poured in more fuel, drained the whole system.. and simply could not get the engine to start.. changed all the filters… then took other stuff appart, and in the end found that there wa water in the cylinder (because when I had the fuel injector off and cranked the motor by hand, water gushed up out of where the injector would mount into the top of the cylinder. so.. then cranked it by hand a lot of with the decompression lever open and injector off etc to try to drive out all possible water, changed sump oil (had water in it) etc etc, and then eventually mamaned to get it started but ONLY if I disconnect the hose that links the cooling water from where it exits the water-jacketed silencer and feeds into the exhaust stream.. when I pulled off that hose before I managed to start the engine, the (raw) cooling water was under pressure for some reason and errupted out of that hose and drained, and then if I left that hose open, I can EVENTUALLY get the engine to start and after it’s running I can reconnect the hose and all is well… but.. weird? It’s alsmost as if there is a blockage where the cooling water injects into the exhaust, but when I disconnect the hose as escribed and tart the engine, exhaust gasses have no problem billowing out through the fitting where the hose is supposed to attach, so it can’t be blocked?

Why might it be under pressure, and why would the engine be sucking water back into the cylinder? Some ppl here are suggesting my head gasket may have failed internally and is letting cooling water flow into the cylinder directly through the gasket which would explain why it is so damn hard to start? (starter motor failed also a week ago, so ive been hand starting, which used to be easy but now it’s an inhuman effort to keep cranking the dngine for perhaps 10-20 seconds even after decormpression lever is closed!

I think I have a head gasket i bought from you and may do this, if you think it sounds like a reasonable cause?

Any advice you may have here would be very much appreciated…

Cheers, and thanks,


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Happy Clients!

Hi all

Here are a few kind recent comments we have received from our clients old and new:

Thanks for your VERY prompt reply. Most impressive…. could you add your thoughts about leisure batteries, please? …… nic (R.H.Nicholls)

Thank you very much for your prompt collection of damaged cylinder and delivery of replacement received this morning.
Excellent service!!!
Keith in Berkshire, UK

Please do not hesitate in trying us for all your Diesel Spare Part needs: Lister Petter, Kubota, Lombardini, Perkins, FG Wilson, Sabb, John Deere, Yanmar, Kohler, Cummins, Caterpillar, Atlas Copco, Deutz, Bukh and many more.

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Generators for the Middle East

Good morning

Last week we sent some generators to a good client of ours in the Middle East, take a look!

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We sell FG Wilson, Lister Petter, Cummins and many other brands of generators, give us a try.

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Day out on Capelli rib

On Sunday we took the rib out to make the most of the sunny weather and we were treated to a sighting of the seal, he was eating the mackeral the fishermen had caught. Too lazy to catch his own!!!

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I have just come back from a couple of days away with my beautiful wife (I have to say that in case she reads it) we drove down to Port Isaac where Doc Martin is filmed and had a wonderful crab and prawn sandwich, we couldn’t believe haw busy it is. We then went and had a look around the new Scarlet Hotel which is very eco friendly, which seems to mean weeds growing on the roof!!! It is a lovely hotel with fantastic views.
We then drove to Padstow for a couple of nights, the first night we ate in Rick Steins, which was excellent, then on Wednesday we took the ferry to Rock and walked to Polzeath and back, luckily we only had a few drops of rain. I then went and sat in the pub while the wife went shopping. I think she has bought a lump of driftwood!!! (Your guess is as good as mine.)
Got up this morning had a fantastic breakfast and then straight back to work.
Picture of Polzeath beach

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Lister Petter AD2A Starter Moter

Another satisfied customer at sleeman and Hawken
Hi Keith, Received the starter today,fit straight on,started up,problem solved.We appreciate your patience on the situation and thanks again for your first class service.Regards Ron

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‘LIKE’ Capelli rib

‘LIKE’ Capelli rib page

Posted by: sleemanandhawken | June 25, 2011

Capelli Raid Rib

This boat is so much fun and great for water skiing, or donuting etc, come and test drive it, the kids will love you!!!

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Four generations

For Fathers Day I had my father, son, Sean who works with me in the office, and grandson round for a BBQ. Luckily the sun shone for us and we were able to sit outside. I had a useful gift of some golf balls and a new desktidy!!

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