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If you have any questions about any of the engines we supply or relevant spare parts we will do our best to help you out. We specialise in engine and machine spare parts but can source anything. We have developed links with small family organisations and large corporations around the world. We have even supplied customised vehicles, boats and leisure equipment. Whatever the need we are able to meet the challenge offering personal service and expertise in addition to low prices. Either leave a reply below or get in touch using the details on the ‘Contact Us’ page! Alternatively, take a look at our new forum where you can post new questions or respond to others on a number of different topics.

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  1. I need a header exhaust pipe etc. for a Petter AC1W Marine Diesel that was purchased in 1987 in the USA for a Tidewater Annapolis 26 sailboat. Do you have the correct part number for ordering same and have this in stock? Thank you.

  2. Hi Lee.
    We have responded by email from the address

    Reply on here if you haven’t received it.
    Kind regards

  3. Hi,
    I have recently fitted a new cylinder head to my 8 hp Sabb engine, I was told that the torque for the cylinder head bolts were 100ft/lbs by GEMS, yet your manual say 79 ft/lbs, that is quite a difference. Which is the correct value?
    Also when I fitted the injector back does it have a copper washer both in the recess and where it fits on the cylinder head.

    Last but not least I have the old style silencer, which will be in its final year and I intend to change out and go to a freshwater cooled system. However I was thinking of making a stainless steel silencer with seawater injection approx 2-3″ below the exhaust outlet, has anyone made this type. I believe the later version you sell also has a freshwater tank with it.



  4. Hello Don

    I have emailed you a few attachments from the engine manual (I am unable to upload files on the blog, I don’t think!)
    Attachment 1 shows the torque and injector set up ( one washer under the nozzle)
    I am interested to find out which book you found the 79 ft/lbs as you can see the one I have here is clearly 100.

    I have also attached some information on the fresh and salt water cooling systems available via Sabb – I am unable to comment on any ‘retrofit’ system as I am not a qualified engineer but I am sure someone with that experience will be able to assist with this.

    You could also check out our web site from in the Sabb section you will find numerous service and maintenance tips for your engine.

    If anyone else would like these attachments, just reply on here and I will email them to you.


  5. Hi,
    Thanks, I believe I might have misread and was looking at the torque for the Sabb 2h see copy from your service PDF.
    !Check head surface for flatness, machining if necessary. Clean out water passages, particularly holes between
    cylinder block to head and between head to silencer.
    Cylinder head nuts should be pulled down to 79 ft.lbs (11kpm). Tappet adjustment is 12 thou (0.3mm). Don’t over
    tighten the locknut as the screws are quite brittle. Finally we strongly recommend that the head is pulled down again
    whilst hot after the first run, even though this means removing the rocker gear again. Don’t be tempted to overtorque
    the nuts initially or you may strip the threads!

  6. Hi Keith. I have a SABB 18hp with vpp. It has done approx 1100 hrs and always serviced. Starts first time every time, idles happily at 450 rpm. Good oil pressure and operating temp. Prop has just been cleaned while on the hard for anti-fooling.
    The problem is that as soon as I lift revs past 1250 rpm approx it starts to belch thick black smoke and unburnt fuel. Before I begin the hunt for a mechanic who has even heard of SABB do you have any clues for me as to what I can eliminate? Any advice greatly appreciated. I’m in Australia so the SABB with vpp attracts many comments and questions! Cheers Lindsay

  7. Hi Lindsay,
    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
    I would check the injector and fuel pump first to check they are functioning ok, I suspect one of them or both are malfunctioning, have you had any bad fuel?
    Is your fuel filter clean?

    • Hi Keith, I’ve sent an email with pictures to your ‘sales’ address. the issue was a well and truly blocked manifold and as you can see I need another…desperately as it fractured during removal.

  8. Hello Keith
    my sabb gg 10 hp has been emitting black smoke at high RPGs ever since I replaced fuel line. Since then I had the fuel injector and pump rebuilt/serviced.
    Still black smoke and water emitting. Any suggestions highly appreciated

  9. Hello not sure if the last query was sent
    Basically my sabb gg 10 hp is emitting black smoke at high revs ever since I replaced fuel pipe.since then I serviced and rebuilt fuel pump and injector and still black smoke and water.
    Can you offer any advice
    Thank you

    • Hi Brian

      If you check the Sabb section on our website you will find lots of maintenance and service tips.

      If you still require assistance after that, please call 01626 879879 where our local engineers should be able to assist better.

      Kind regards

  10. Like one of the other posters, I have an old petter diesel in an Annapolis 26. Mine is a 1976. I just got the boat and I don’t know the engine model. Do you have any info on the model used in 1976? If so, do you sell manuals?


    • Hi Dan
      I’m afraid its not enough to go off the year alone as many engines were being made at that time.
      There should be an identification plate on the engine or some numbers in the crankcase… some photos would help?
      If you could email anything to we can take a look for you.
      Kind regards

  11. I trade in lifeboats, one boat I have came ashore from oil rig with engine parts missing, engine is SABB 2J LIFEBOAT MODEL, year 1988, what appears to be missing is the fuel governor, including the drive,support bolt and possibly any other part, parts I do have are the link between pumps and the levers on the back of the cover inc spring, can you supply, rgds, Alan.

  12. Hello, I wonder if you have any experience repairing cracked cylinder heads? I have a Sabb 2h it was running reasonably well but one cylinder was showing signs of water ingress. I assumed head gasket but while re grinding the valves we found a crack. It was well hidden under a layer of scaley rust I know you could get me a new head but at £2000 its more than the boat is worth!

    • A good marine engineer will have access to a company that may be able to weld the crack you mention. Cracked cylinder heads are not unusual on water cooled marine engines. The specialist company will usually need to inspect the head to assess the crack as repair is not always possible.

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