Posted by: sleemanandhawken | January 17, 2012

Departures and Arrivals

Hello all,

At the end of 2011 we said goodbye to John Boyne. After rejoining us for 2 years, the changing needs of the business meant that his superior engineering knowledge and expertise were proving a waste at Sleeman & Hawken. He is now hoping to get ‘back on the tools’, and with a few jobs lined up already, we wish him and his partner Cherry success and happiness for the future.

With John’s departure, we welcome Duncan Ayres who has joined us on a permanent basis to provide support to the various areas of the business. Duncan will be primarily giving Graham (much-needed) help in our bustling dispatch department. He will also be trained in the office, allowing him to cover the various holidays of the staff, and to become the ‘Jack Of All Trades’ at Sleeman & Hawken. He has been with us almost a week now and is settling in well – and Kevin is enjoying being a teacher!

I hope 2012 has started well for you all.



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